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Cuteness Overload…

By Prettylittlemrs @PrettyLittleMrs

Cuteness Overload…This time of year it’s hard not to get obsessed with all the cute details.  Everywhere you look you will find something that is so adorable it will take all of your willpower not to buy it. Here are a few things that are currently killing me…

I can hardly stand the cuteness of this velvet bowed stocking-hat (Redherring, $15.00) and I feel like everything will seem more Holiday-ish while wearing it. Lately I’ve been a bit overly obsessed with cute correspondence—perhaps it’s because I’m getting ready to ship out the first batch of LAJ Daily Page Notepads, but I just adore this combination of Washi Tape + Postage Stamp on this letter from Molly Jacques , I also love the idea of a customized rubber stamp for a return label (Paper Pastries, $65.00). If I lived in a city that required the regular hailing of Taxi-cabs I would so own these mittens, (Kate Spade New York, $65.00). It’s a strange thing to admit, but lately when I’ve visited Anthropologie, I’ve been more drawn to their adorable home goods than their clothing—-all of their cutesie & colorful kitchen utensils have really been winning me over (Cucina Measuring Cups, $32.00, & Zesty Measuring Spoons, $18.00).

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