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Cute Or Not Cute?

By Heather @home_modern

My last “Cute or Not Cute” post garnered a number of thoughtful responses, so here’s another one featuring a pair of vintage lamp shades from eBay that I can’t get out of my head.

Cute or Not Cute?

You can find the listing here. For whatever reason I’m totally obsessed. Maybe it’s the tomato red, gold and white combo.

Cute or Not Cute?

I’m not getting them because they have some serious condition issues (and can’t decide if they’re actually cute) but I’m definitely inspired by them. The DIY wheels are turning!

Cute or Not Cute?

The description says the pleated “fabric” portions are made of that thin plastic (think plastic tablecloth-type material), which might not be so great in person. Perhaps it’s trying to mimic silk?

Cute or Not Cute?

So what’s the verdict? Am I off my rocker? Cute or not cute?


P.S. These are my current favorite cheap lampshades (from Target), as seen in this post.

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