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Custodianism, the 'lingua Franca' of Free Planet.

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Custodianism, the 'lingua franca' of Free Planet.think about being on the phone with someone. Three things happen; you empathise totally like brothers and sisters, you 'understand' each other but it's painful like reading a complex manual, you slam the phone down in rage, disgust, confusion.
The second and third options generally tend to happen with off-shore Call Centres. Sure, English might not be their first language, nor should it be. The employees are reading from a pre-arranged script. You might as well be talking to a machine, and in many ways you are.
Real Empathy only tends to happen with people who 'you might have grown up with' or at least share a VAST AMOUNT of cultural similarities; interests, life experiences, ways of living.
Now, this is not a treatise on Cellular Localism per se but I'll explain more about that later in this post.
Last night I watched THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, that many have said refers to teh Annunaki or some elite clan of world-controlling do-gooders. But it won't EVER work. Mankind can no t be controlled like this, he will always REBEL.
And the film's cynical suggestion that The Roman Empire was a good thing and the First and Second World Wars weren't caused by the global bankers ... made me laugh my rocks off. Every war since 1800 has been DIRECTLY FINANCED by these shadowy game players for PROFIT and ACQUISITION, and it's still happening.
There is only ONE rule for FREE PLANET, "Do right by Free Planet and free planet will do right by you." Why am I repeating this now? Well, I was about to rattle off some sort of Adjustment Bureau-style dictat upon you, something about 'quitting rutting' or something that should just be 'common sense' but I see that you're all still stuck in the Consumerist GROWTH model of planetary ruin.
You The People, all seven billion of you need to STOP. Stop your worthless lives. Stop your ridicuous profiteering. Stop your financial ambitions. You have to stop all this and listen to the planet, listen to its sobbing torture at the hands of over-population. You have to realise, for yourselves, that this homeworld could (within fifty years) be returned to the Re-wilded Wonderland of its former glory. It's yours if you all decide you want it.
Last night, I personally made a pact with the STAR PEOPLE that I would help in the fight to protect this delicate homeworld from the ravages of Global Governance and Contemporary Quasi-Empirism. I made a pact that local solutions to food, water, housing and waste will be offered to all who support Free Planet with their Creativity, their Passion and their Kinship. I let them know that as an expression of 'cellular localism' the human race would a) retain its communal identity and b) protect this world from the abstract concept of MONEY. And they will have heard, all the stars of the system will have heard the words of my pact.
We are not alone in the universe.

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