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Curses In General And With A Caulbearer

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Curses In General And With A CaulbearerWitchcraft, Voodoo, Black Magic and whatever other names of origin that is used to describe the type of negative energies that are being utilized through individuals and principalities target people all over the world from all cultures and all walks of life.

It is a very cunning and underhanded method of attempting to manipulate, weaken, control, punish and kill someone out of jealousy, envy, hate, revenge, desire or demonic influence.

Curses all have and are all done for specific intentions and are definite and distinct forms of a crafty robbery as they block, prolong or steal from us time and opportunities.

There are innumerable effects of curses that manifest variously within and upon different individuals depending on their own state of mentality, lifestyle, and overall circumstance. There could be the same spell used on two or three people and all situations can result in totally conflicting outcomes as every instance is not the same.

Aside from others, in particular of the light, special children born of the caul are even more targeted as we have preternatural gifts that lend to us the extraordinary ability to detect, discern and dispel.

We are unique spiritual dimensional creatures that also come in very rare forms of character and personality according to our own natures and paths that are aligned and in vibration with our own realm of universe if grounded and conscious.

No one experience is completely identical, similar and comparable, but not exactly the same as we all have different energies, elevations, interpretations, perceptions, spirituality and destinies that are often compatible and plausible within our own life connections.

Curses In General And With A Caulbearer
As I have mentioned on more than one occasion I’ve been attacked by witchcraft ever since the age of seven and had the advantage of being steps ahead of my enemies/attackers by sensing and knowing what was unnaturally occurring around me and within my life while I was growing up.

There wasn’t much that I could actually do at that young of age besides to comprehend what I’d felt but something was with me all the while serving as a protection and guide as I coped with and experienced the vibrations of evil that was placed upon my mother and I to deviate us from reaching the things in our life purpose.

Unbeknownst at the time to many that took part back then, I’m sure they had no idea that my young spiritual mind’s eye and heightened intuitive sensitivity was seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing and thoroughly realizing every step and activity within my predicament and oh how much I had learned all through out the years from my firsthand experience.

The bad luck spells to try to make things not go right, the revenge spells to try to get even, the love spells to try to make me interested in guys that I had absolutely had no attraction to or desire for.

I remember when I was in my mid to late teens how they tried to make me feel hideous in appearance but whenever I’d look into the mirror I’d always see the pretty girl that I always was and that I still am today. My attackers were jealous of my looks.

See, my mind was too strong for the curses of that evil negativity, with me, it was constantly mind over matter and I fought to the bitter end.

My attackers wanted me to feel bad about myself, they were jealous of my high self esteem. My attackers wanted me to feel stupid, they were jealous of my knowledge and intelligence. My attackers wanted me to be weak; they were jealous of my strength and confidence. My attackers wanted to bring me down, they were jealous of my character. My attackers wanted to kill me; they couldn’t do anything with me!

The only opinion of me that truly mattered was that of my very own and not that of others and that is the way that it will always be with me and that is why no amount of demonic manipulation was ever able to steer my mind. I’ve never looked for or needed the approval of others to validate me. So it is all about us and how we think and/or view the world or life in general and the things around us that may decide if we will be affected or non affected by condition.

Curses In General And With A Caulbearer
Aside from the mental and emotional torments of curses there are many of the physical aspects that we know as well. And one ultimate reason that many of us are targeted is to forcefully snatch us up into alignment and unbalance with the satanic arena, that group of demonic individuals that are headed for eternal damnation that seek to devour our souls (especially those that are of the light), those slaves of the devil that want to unnaturally lure and take as many of us to hell with them as possible.

They all know where their forever going-there’s no turning back for them-and they don’t want to see us go the opposite way they want those of us in particular to lose our opportunity to make it to the right place.

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