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Curried Pineapple Glazed Gammon Steaks

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
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I like to treat us to gammon steaks every now and again, and I usually like to shake things up a bit when I do.  You can get a gammon steak grill at most pubs over here in the UK, served with chips and either a fried egg or a ring of pineapple on top.  Neither one has ever really appealed to me.  Today I created a curried pineapple sauce to serve with them instead and it went down a real treat!
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Gammon is simply raw ham . . .  you could use regular ham steaks for this, you just wouldn't have to cook them for quite as long because your ham is already cooked!  (makes sense right?)
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Gammon is the name given to the meat from the hind legs of a pig that has been cured in the same way as bacon. The main difference between gammon and ham is that gammon will be sold raw and needs to be cooked; ham is sold cooked or dry-cured and ready for eating.
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This sauce is very simple.  You can use fresh pineapple as I have done, or well drained tinned pineapple in juice.  Both work very well.
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I don't use a lot of curry powder in the sauce.  Just a half a teaspoon of a medium curry powder.  You could certainly use more or even a stronger curry powder if you like the flavor and the heat.
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I didn't want to overwhelm the natural flavor of the gammon steaks with too much.  There is also some maple syrup in there, for a North American touch along with both butter and  dark brown sugar, just a touch.
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Altogether it makes for a lovely sweet and tangy sauce with a hint of spice that goes so very well with the flavor of the gammon.  I think you will enjoy!
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*Gammon Steaks with Curried Pineapple Sauce*Serves 4Printable Recipe     Simple, quick and easy with fabulous flavours!  I served it with lemon rice and green and yellow haricot beans.  
1 pound of gammon steaks cut into 4 servings, fat edge slashes at 1/3 inch intervals(the slashing helps to prevent the steaks from curling up)2 cups cubed fresh pineapple2 TBS pure Maple Syrup (I like the Amber Grade)1/2 tsp medium curry powder1 TBS unsalted butter1 TBS packed dark soft brown sugar 
Heat a large non stick skillet over medium high heat.  Spray with some  low fat cooking spray.  Brown the steaks on both sides for 6 to 8 minutes, turning halfway through the cooking process.  Remove and set aside to keep warm.  Add the pineapple, maple syrup and curry powder.  Toss to coat. Add the butter and cook, stirring until the pineapple is golden brown and glazed.  Add the brown sugar and stir to melt the sugar. Return the ham steaks and turn them in the sauce.  Heat through and then serve.
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This is a dish the whole family will enjoy.  Just a hint of spice for the grownups, but not so much that the kids get turned off either.  I bet they will love it!  Bon Appetit!

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