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Current Book - Lucy Sullivan's Getting Married -- Marian Keyes (it's a total chick flick book but it's a fast easy read, which is what I need) Current Running Path - Okay well this was on June first, but I am counting it as "current".


Dear paradise, please don't leave me. You're so beautiful. I want to stay with you forever. #roatan #nofilter #beachvacation

Beach running in West Bay

Current Drink - Iced tea with lots of lemon 
Current Excitement - Weekends! The next few are full of friends, running,  hiking, travel and fun!  Current fashion trend - I see a lot of these chain earrings around lately. 
Current Favorite Blog/Website - I did a history search and some of my top visited pages are...Gmail, Yelp and Reader. I guess I should buy stock in Google!  
Current Garden Item - Green beans and radishes! Not enough to really do much with but they are still good! We also have some green tomatoes! I can't wait for their ripeness! 

Current Love - Long days! I sometimes don't realize it but it's already past 9, which is officially my bed time, but lately I have not even been feeling as tired!  Current Food - Avocados, cherries, melons Current Indulgence - I had pizza and coke for lunch yesterday! It's not often I have that but it was brought in for us since we are doing training. They were both pretty good but the coke leaves a weird taste in my mouth that I don't love.  
Currently Pondering - Why no matter how often I scrub the (white tile) floor, it always looks like nobody ever cleans it. Note to self: NEVER use white grout. It becomes grey/brown grout in no time flat. 
Current Mood - Good. Really good. I'm about to burst into, "the hills are alive..." in a minute.
Current New Find - Probar chews and bars. I got them as a free sample, which sometimes doesn't work out that great, but these are really good!  Current Outfit - Just kidding! This isn't me, but I had to post it. When I went to the Bottlerock music festival, a lot of people were wearing these shorts. A LOT! With the butt cheeks and everything! And if you look close enough (if you dare) you can also see her leopard undies. If you want more pics, I have more. My brother and I had a good time playing "spot the butt cheek shorts" or the "who can take the most inappropriate photos at the festival" game (yes we are weird. Whatever).

booty shorts

Current Peeve - Bus drivers who speed, switch lanes a lot and make comments (or swear) at the other drivers. Chill out, yo. You have dozens of lives in your hands.  Current Song - ...Put your hands up...turn around...

Current Triumph - A new PR! More about that later!  Current TV Show -  North America on Discovery Channel Current Wish-List - crampons and an ice axe
Currently Delaying - (this is a long list...) writing thank you notes, fixing the sprinkler system, taking a load to Goodwill, doing a tune up on the bike... there are more; I am embarrassed to admit...
What are you currently delaying (is it as many things as I am)? Do you play embarrassing fun games with your friends/family when you are in good people watching areas or on long trips? 

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