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Cui Prodest Bellum

By Pabster @pabloacalvino

Cui prodest bellumWhatever the end of the Russian "special military operation" in Krimea be, we can be sure of this: Europe countries' electorates will have been persuaded about NATO's essential existence, and -neglecting any possible initiative to dissolve an organization which, in truth, lost its theoretical purpose more than three decades ago- will grant their leaders a carte blanche to engage in enormous increases of their respective defense budgets. With the excuse of a peremptory protection from the Russian bear, NATO's European members will spend fabulous amounts of extra money on weapons - defrayed, of course, off the taxpayers' pockets. Chancelor Shcröder has already anounced upping Germany's military expense in about 100 billion euros next year. And the rest of NATO countries this side of the ocean will follow suit in lesser or -less likely- higher degree. Yet how much total? Maybe one trillion?

And a good half of this trillion in armament, technology and war equipment will directly engross Uncle Sam's GDP, since it's the United States who'll sell us, with muffled joy, a big proportion of those lethal toys - to the ineffable delight of it's financial elites and industrial military complex, the Deep State; the same powers, by the way, who fostered the coup d'etat in Kiev 2014 (disguised as an spontaneous popular revolt called Euromaidan) to oust by then Ukraine's democratically elected president and, in its place, seat puppets like the actual Volodimir Zelenski, obedient to Washington guidelines.

There is, besides, a second outcome we should also take for granted: gas and petroleum futures (determining actual prices) will remain in historical highs for many months to come (though, paradoxically, the present global demand of such commodities is lower than in the recent past), which makes profitable for US shell companies to turn on again -they're already doing it- the expensive and polluting fracking industry for hydrocarbons extraction, and whose production will be bought by us silly Europeans twice as costly as what we'd pay to Russian suppliers. Cunningly enough, the very US buys hydrocarbons from Russia at a lower cost than it fracks them. But, as Ursula von der Leyen has recently said, "The sacrifice for the liberty of our Ukrainian brothers has also a price for Europeans, and we must be ready to pay that price". (By "we", she of course meant the taxpayer, not her.) In short, more market and profits for the American giant.

Thus being things, if we now apply rule #1 of political analysis, " qui prodest? ", to the armed conflict in Ukraine, it comes as obvious that its primary profiteer -perhaps the only one- is the USA; therefore, it turns out as quite likely that, contrary to what West governments and their media payroll try to make us believe, this situation has been brewed, or at least favoured, by the said beneficiary. Gas, oil and weapons (besides other globalist and hegemonic goals, too obscure for me to analyze) are mighty enough reasons for the White House to turn a deaf ear on the legitimate and reasonable security claims the Kremlin has been making these past years on Ukraine's neutrality, and for the dubiously elected president Biden -another Deep State puppet- to keep pushing his Russian counterpart towards the reckless step he's ultimately taken. Which step, by the way, is nothing but a self-fulfilled prophecy: first we pester the bear and, and once he finally thrusts his pow, then we justify the pestering... and if possible the killing. But probably Russia, for the past decades, did not entail more of a threat to the West than that created by the West by preserving the NATO and expanding it eastwards.

Gas, oil and weapons are also mighty reasons to help prolong this war much longer than necessary Gas, and thus we're witnessing such absurdity as, instead of stepping in between two contenders in order to stop the quarrel, o even boldly intervening in the quarrel in support of the part we perceive as weaker or righter, what we do is selling arms by the load to Zelenski and "morally" back him up with unprecedented sanctions to Putin; so that our protegé won't stop fighting or save their lives, but keep him slowly bleeding out for as long as possible, not because we don't care, but because it all goes for the superior cause of God blessed Uncle Sam's profit.

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