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Crystal Jelly Mooncake

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
I have seen this Crystal Jelly Mooncake for the pass mid autumn festivals already.  It is such a pretty dessert to prepare for this festival and it is good to break away from the traditional mooncake for awhile but as usual, I procrastinated.
Fast forward to today, I finally managed to make these babies.  Testing the response from my kiddos before I list this item for the celebration on the actual day.
My kiddos are not those who appreciate jello alot thus I hardly made them but for this one, I was surprised especially by my son.
Crystal Jelly Mooncake
I guess it is such a pretty sight that one can hardly refuse.  Isn't it?
Crystal Jelly Mooncake
There are many occasions that I bought the same book without realizing until I reached home.
Since I have an extra copy of this book and thus I would love to give this away (only applicable to Singapore).
If you are interested, just leave me a comment and your email address.  Entry should be submitted not later than 31 August 2016.  Still enough time for you to try out the recipe from the book.
If I have more than one request, then I will go by balloting.
What you need:
10g Konnyaku jelly powder
100g of fine sugar
900ml of water
fruits of your choice (best to be different colour), skinned and cut into cubes
In a small bowl, mix Konnyaku jelly powder with sugar.
Bring 900ml of water to a boil.
Gradually stir in the jelly mixture into the boiling water and stir well until mixture is dissolved.
Turn off heat and add in citric acid.  Stir until it is completely dissolved.
Rinse the jelly mold (DO NOT DRY), place cut fruits into moulds and pour the Konnyaku mixture into the moulds.
Chill in the fridge for at least two hours.
Serve cold.
Have a blessed day.
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