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Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

By Milastolemyheart
Hubs and I love going to the beach. That's our best way to recharge: a relaxing day or two with nothing to do but swim, eat, drink beer and be merry. Of course this time, I want to take Mila too. I just knew that the fresh ocean breeze would do wonders for her. It had been bothering me that Summer 2014 passed without us seeing a single drop of ocean water and sand. I already gave up on going this year since two planned outings with our families got cancelled already. Until Hubs said his team is finally having their much deserved team building and we can go if we want to. Of course it's a big YES.
I had been to Crystal Beach before with Hubs and our WTC group. It was not as well known as it is now. The past few years, they had been hosting big surfing and music events so I've been wanting to go back.
Mila was a trooper. She was on her best fun self. It helped that she has her playmate Ate Ruby Rose with her. Our almost 4 hour travel time was full of laughter from the two kids.
Before checking in, Hubs decided to look at 2 other resorts nearby. They were hoping to find a good alternative that will allow the team to rent a Videoke Machine. Neither came close to the beauty and value of Crystal Beach. The team willingly gave up on singing their hearts out in exchange of a good, relaxing feel that this place can offer. It's lucky we went on a weekday and we were the only guests since we were loud enough even without the Videoke.
We got there around 5pm. Almost in time for the sunset. Even before settling down, I immediately dressed Mila in her rashguard and cute Gingersnaps bloomers and off we went to get our feet wet. She kept on trying to clean the sand off her feet until she got frustrated and wouldn't want to walk anymore. I'm glad I got some photos before the dark set in.

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

Mila's first sunset by the beach 

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

View from our balcony

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

One of the cabins available for rent

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

Visitors staying just for the day can rent these along the shore

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

The Kampsite are areas around the resort where guests can stay on tents. You have the option on bringing your own or renting one for a minimal fee. 

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

A postcard worthy view

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

We rented the Abraham Tower. The team stayed downstairs which is an open air cabin with 4 double decks. My small family opted to stay upstairs at the attic because we were afraid it will be too hot for Mila without the AC in the afternoon or it may get too cold at night because of the ocean breeze. The tower has two bathrooms with toiletries included. The rooms are simple but well maintained. The attic has a great view of the ocean on it's small balcony. It has a 32-inch flat panel TV with Cignal cable. Great for keeping the kids busy while the Titos and Titas are busy getting drunk downstairs.
When we go to any beach, it's almost always that I wake up earlier than Hubs. I love the peace and quiet. I want the chance to explore the whole place alone before the sand gets too much footprint. This time, I had Mila with me. It is a wonderful feeling being able to share my quiet time with my baby. Her eyes were as big as mine everytime I point out a tree, a flying bird, a monkey swinging back and forth, the surfer trying to catch a wave. Everything is new to her and everything is wonderful.
Rooms come with free breakfast. It's very convenient since guest can quickly enjoy the surf upon waking up without having to think about cooking. In fact, the store is open from 7am to around 9pm. Or you can go outside and buy (more beer) from a nearby 24 hour store. But if you are like Hubs who loves to cook, there is a common area where you can cook your own food. You can rent pots, pans and utensils so you don't have to bring your own and you can travel light.
At this point, I'd like to point out that the water in Crystal Beach is not the best for very young kids like Mila. The wave is very unpredictable. It can get very high and strong which is clearly not safe for small ones. In all fairness to the Crystal Beach management, there was rarely a time without a lifeguard within iur sight. Nonetheless, Mila still got her fun. It was nonstop walking along the coast. The sand is fine enough that I let Mila walk barefoot. She just don't like it when water reaches her. It was raining most morning so we didn't get as much pictures as I'd want too. But the memory of Mila's face as she gets sand between her toes, I got that in my mind.
We rarely go outdoors where Mila can play and explore. So I'm hoping we will get to do this more often. Next time, I know to pick a more child-friendly water. Maybe someplace with swimming pool. 

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

Still wearing her jammies, Dad couldn't wait to play

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

"I'm ready now mom. What are we waiting for?"

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

Clean water, fine sand, cool breeze. The beach was all ours. 

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

My favorite breastfeeding moment.

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

Required family pic before we leave 

Crystal Beach Resort - Mila's First Beach Experience

One final shot with the best team. Thanks for letting Mila and me tag along. 

Crystal Beach ResortBarangay La PazZambales, San NarcisoSun: (0922) 841-9004Globe: (0917) 545-2791Smart: (0939) 939-3153Manila Tel: (02) 514-2117, (02) 941-9004Zambales: (047) 222-222-7, (047) 603-1475

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