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Crysis 3 - First Thoughts

Posted on the 30 September 2012 by Spencerinc @spencerincorp
Crysis 3 - First Thoughts
The Crysis franchise. One that has not shone incredibly. The second game in the trio promised us a fast, inventive and action-packed online. Which it did, on the whole, deliver. The campaign was playable but did not blow you away. Cast your eyes now to the online servers. Now you can barely find a match, such a sad way for the game to go. Fallen victim to the Call of Duty titles that offer no creativity, as is found in the Crysis games. Thrown into the gutter of them gaming world. But.. now it's back.
As we walked up to the row of screens, not knowing what to expect, we pondered what we may encounter. Having seen the pictures of that oh-so-awesome bow went with the the idea of having some badass weapons to be thrown at us in the heat of a cyber enhanced battle.
As we sat down the screens flashed up a map of the terrain. The demo was set in a desolate city, with gray as a standard. Certainly more pick-up-and-play than the previous game. A quick scan of the instructions showed me enough to give me a nice feel of the game.
The stuttery nature found with the 'nanosuits' has been amended. Now you can seamlessly go from invisible to having Armour on. Even for a PS3 owner like me using an Xbox controller I found it easy to start using the more complex controls.
So, overall, this is my pick of the show, for online at least. Far better than I could ever have expected from a sequel to Crysis 2. This amends some large holes in the second game as well as even more impressive graphics. Definatly a game to look out for.
Next up, The Eurogamer flump

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