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Crushed Heads And Bruised Heels

By Answersfromthebook
Crushed Heads And Bruised Heels

“And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel.” (Genesis 3:15)

In Genesis 3:15 we have the very first prophecy concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. Right in the midst of a passage that records the judgment of God, we see a glimmer of hope, a beacon of light that penetrates the hopeless despair that comes with the Fall of Adam and Eve. The Seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the devil.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan accomplished his goal of enticing Adam and Eve to rebel against God. The Lord tells him that he shall continue to “bruise the heel” of man, but the day is coming when his own head shall be crushed. From the woman shall descend One who shall claim the ultimate victory over the devil.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will come to Earth as a Man and succeed where this first man has failed, indeed where all men have failed. The constant struggle between man and the devil, characterized by bruising the heel of the one and the head of the other, will be forever resolved in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the ultimate defeat of the enemy of mankind.

“And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.” (Romans 16:20a NKJV)

It is of great assurance to know that the enemy of our souls is a defeated enemy. Certainly, he will continue to strike at our heels, but it is God who crushes him under our feet. Jesus Christ has dealt with him and continues to deal with him, we need not fear the enemy.

To Jesus Christ goes all glory. In service to Him,


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[This post was originally published August 29, 2009]

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