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Cruelty-free Spotlight: TK Maxx Finds

By Natalie Tamara @thetofudiaries

The little corner of my blog dedicated to cruelty-free products has become somewhat neglected and the main reason, I must confess, is that I don’t buy that many cosmetics. Where I’m always trying a new ingredient in my kitchen at any given moment, in my bathroom and makeup bag I keep things fairly minimal and only tend to splash out on new products when something runs out.

In typical fashion of course, a lot of them often run out at the same time so I’m currently trying out a few different new buys. Today I wanted to share some fantastic bits I picked up on a recent trip to TK Maxx.

I always love having a nose around TK Maxx  – I’ve expressed my love of their homeware before and the amazing Le Creuset pieces you can pick up – but have never paid any attention to their cosmetics section before. I suppose they weren’t at the forefront of my mind as somewhere that would have easily identifiable cruelty-free options. As it turns out, after taking a look on my last visit, they actually have some great cruelty-free and vegan bargains on offer!

Ecotools Vegan Makeup Brush

EcoTools Blusher Brush, £4.99 (RRP£7.99)

So technically nothing ran out here, but I have had half an eye of upgrading my blusher brush from a fairly cheap, plasticky one to a more luxurious one. EcoTools are Peta-approved cruelty-free, completely vegan and eco-friendly – what more could you want?

The bristles are seriously soft and I love the shape to get a more defined blusher application. I do think it work best combined with a blusher that isn’t too firmly pressed, as the bristles are so soft they don’t pick up that much pigment, so I’ll be bearing this in mind when replacing my blusher very soon.

Le Petit Oliver Face Cleansing Foam

Le Petit Olivier Olive Oil & Aloe Vera Cleansing Foam £4.75 (RRP£8.75)

I had never heard of Le Petit Olivier before but loved both the look and sound of this cleansing foam, so did a quick search on my phone whilst in-store to check up on their credentials. Much to my delight, Le Petit Olivier are Leaping Bunny approved as well as being paraben free.

Not all of the brand’s products are vegan but all of them are vegetarian and this olive oil and aloe vera cleansing foam is vegan. I’ve found it to be lovely and refreshing on my skin as well as gently moisturising without being at all greasy – I’d definitely buy this one again!

Have you tried either of these brands, or picked up any cruelty-free finds in TK Maxx? Share your recommendations and experiences below!

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