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Crucial SEO Tactics to Get Top Search Ranking for Your YouTube Videos

Posted on the 26 January 2019 by Seogdk @seogdk1
YouTube Video Marketing
YouTube videos are gaining popularity throughout the world, and through video monetization, people can earn money from Google these days. All they need is to have unique and entertaining content. To do well in terms of getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel, you can choose to opt for different marketing or promotional methods. Among those methods, you need to know a few methods even more carefully. To understand those methods, you need to follow the tips as given below. The following tips will help you to achieve success in terms of your SEO campaign to make your YouTube videos popular.

Number of Views and Watch Timing

For better ranking in the YouTube search result, your video should have two important things. The first thing is the views, and the other thing is to watch the timing. You need to get more views for your video otherwise your video shall not appear at the top spot of the YouTube search result. To get more views for the video, you need to focus on the following things. Here are those things for you at a glance.

·   The video content has to be appealing for the viewers. If the content is not good, the number of viewers will not increase.·   You need to promote your video on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Promoting video will fetch more viewers for the video.·   To receive more viewers, you need to add video description and relevant title to the video. The title has to be appealing as well.·   Adding hashtags into the video description or hashtag section will help your video to gain more viewers with ease.Now, we need to focus on the watch timing. Every video is unique and thus watch time varies as per the requirement of the content. But, you need to keep in mind that you are making videos on specific niches. For example, "foods and recipes" is your preferred niche. If you check the latest trends, you shall find short and precise recipe videos are uploaded on the YouTube rather than long videos. People have limited time to watch videos, and they want the exact information from the videos. Thus, the short and precise video is always a good thing. There is no need to make a video unnecessary lengthy.

Keywords in the Video Title

As per the experts at the New York SEO Authority, the keyword is the key thing in SEO or Search Engine Optimization process. It is not possible to achieve good web marketing results without having good keywords. Now, when you have the set of keywords for your SEO campaign, you need to make good use of the keywords. When it comes to search friendliness of the YouTube videos, you should use important keywords on the title of the content. Like Google search, people use keywords to search for the videos on YouTube. So, more or less the same basic concept of the SEO should be followed in this case.

Shorter Titles

The title of the video on YouTube should be short and precise. It is to be remembered that the title is not the description. You have a separate section to describe things or add more information on the video. The title should be short, catchy and attention drawing. It should be appealing in such a way that people would become compelled to open the video. Writing the video titles is an art, and you have to master this art with perfection. You need to make the video titles trendy or contemporary so that young people or viewers can get attracted to the videos easily.

Interact with People at the Comment Section

When you upload a video on YouTube, you shall find many comments on your videos from the viewers. Many comments would appreciate your video content. Many comments will draw criticisms. Even there could be some harsh criticisms of the videos. You need to check the comments carefully and respond to them accordingly. You should be tolerant of the criticisms, even if you do not agree with those. Staying responsive to the people on the comment section would make your video more SEO friendly, as it enhances user generated contents on the video.

Selecting the Video Thumbnail

The video thumbnail that you choose must be simple, precise and interesting. The thumbnail should give an impression on the video content. However, it is used for enhancing the interest of the viewers, not expressed the whole content. So, you need to craft the thumbnail for the video with careful measures. Make sure that the best video thumbnail has been chosen.

Wrapping Up

To learn more about the video marketing for enhancing YouTube search engine ranking, you should follow the tips as provided above the section of this article. Following these tips will make your videos more search friendly on YouTube.

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