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Crouzet Timers

Posted on the 25 November 2019 by Epreston
Crouzet Timers

A timer is a simple automation component which is used to manage actions over a period of time or control how long actions last. The timer is a control device which triggers an action according to a time and a function. After a predefined time has elapsed, the timer closes or opens one or more contacts. Timing cycles, whether single shot or repetitive, are started by latching inputs or pulsed inputs, allowing a wide variety of functions to be created.

Crouzet Timers
Crouzet Timers
Crouzet Timers
Crouzet Timers

Timers can be found in electrical cabinets associated with other automation functions for the following markets:

* Food industry
* Industrial automation systems
* Lighting
* Building equipment
* Small or large industrial machines

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