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Crochet Flowers

By Realityarts @realityarts
Crochet flowers
I learnt to crochet at school. Learning what seemed a skill that died out only to see it resurfacing over the past few years as something quite popular alongside other traditional crafts.
When we were younger mom used to make these intricate circular table place mats using the finest of needles. By my teenage years crocheting and knitting seemed to be what older people did... how the tables have turned. Over the past few years I started to give it a second glance, and have come across so many who not only crochet, but knit and make felt products. I had held on to the needles I had inherited for my mom and over the years I think I made a scarf once. But saw some flowers recently on you tube and decided to give them a go.
Crochet flowersThe basic flower is pretty easy and you can have as many layers as you wish or add rows to make the flower bigger. I’ve decorated mine with some buttons and beads. Armed with your flower you can use them to go on a number of things. I made a couple of wrist cuffs, and I will do a tutorial on how to make a a broach, hair accessories, decorations for journals even a mini bag. 
Crochet flowers
There are some great patterns out there if you want to be more adventurous. If your a beginner check out you tube for some easy how to steps, just type in what you want to learn and it could be a great skill addition to your creativity.  Blessings!
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