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Croc! (2022) Movie Review

By Newguy

Croc! – Movie Review


Director: Paul W Franklin

Writer: Paul W Franklin (Screenplay)


  • Sian Altman
  • Mark Haldor (Reign of Chaos)
  • George Nettleton
  • Antonia Whillans
  • Chrissie Wunna

Plot: Deep in the English countryside, Lisa and Charlie prepare for their wedding at a Tudor mansion. But an angry crocodile lies in wait, determined to ruin their big day.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Croc! Starts when Lisa (Altman) and Charlie (Nettleton) bring their family and friends together for their wedding. The wedding is taking place in a Tudor mansion in the English countryside. As the night before shenanigans start Charlie finds himself face to face with a crocodile.

Needing to keep this quiet, he lets the wedding continue, only for Lisa’s father Dylan (Haldor) to come face to face with the crocodile too. The crocodile ends up crashing the wedding, seeing the friends needing to fight back to survive.

Verdict on Croc!


Lisa is the bride-to-be who has been planning her wedding for years, this is meant to be her dream wedding with friends and family. She is delighted to have her father attending and when things start to spiral out of control, she wants to see everyone safe.

Dylan is Lisa’s father who has a reputation among Lisa’s friends. However, he is an expert on animal behavior and uses his skills to keep some of his friends safe and deal with the crocodile.

Charlie is the groom and finds himself drawn to other women quite quickly. He sees the first attack but can’t explain why, as he was going against his bride.

In the supporting characters, we have friends and family who have different reactions to the crocodile and the personal problems they are facing.


Sian Altman is the lead in the movie, along with Mark Haldor. The two are strong enough without taking the film by storm or reaching the bonkers levels the Lake Placid cast did. A lot of the movie is about bigger reactions to the crocodile or the aftermath of the attacks.


The story follows family and friends that come together for a wedding, only for them to find themselves being attacked by killer crocodiles. It sees the group getting split up and needing to figure out how to survive and escape the threat.

In a typical creature feature-styled story, we see the group of survivors needing to band together against a threat. It uses the unusual location for a crocodile to be, to keep it needing to be human factors needed to fight back. Everything is a lot of fun with the story, never taking too much serious about how things unfold.


Croc! Is a creature feature horror that takes us to a Tudor mansion where a crocodile invades a wedding. There is plenty of crocodile munching down on humans, which are all very similar, often using the reactions to add to the horror. This location gives us a remote location that isn’t used to defend against wild animals.

Final Thoughts Croc! Is a blast creature feature.

Croc! (2022) Movie Review
Croc! (2022) Movie Review

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