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Creed II (2018) Review

Posted on the 02 December 2018 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7
Creed II (2018) Review

Adonis Creed is the reigning Heavyweight champion with Rocky Balboa in his corner, everything is about to change though when Viktor Drago son of Ivan emerges challenging Creed, pushing emotions to the limit.

When Adonis Creed is given the opportunity to fight the son of the man who killed his father in the ring it was never anything he had to think about. With that approach he therefore did not get into the best training regime in the build up to the fight. This happening meant Rocky could not deal with it all again and walked away from the fight and Adonis.

Since his fights with Apollo Creed and then Rocky Balboa, Ivan Drago had his own problems when he was pretty much outcast in Russia, his wife left him and he was left to raise his son. They are seen training and fighting in the Ukraine. He has helped to build him as a machine and with that he has missed the point of being his father really. I actually felt this sub plot was very good and quite heartfelt in all honesty, something I was never expecting to feel sympathy towards Ivan Drago!

Everything in this film is about Adonis and how he has responded to his new-found life. Keeping everything real with Bianca and a couple of surprises along the way. All with still being haunted by his father and the chance to try to get some revenge for his death. He approaches the fight with too much anger, but he would not listen to Rocky at first anyway. Then having to put Mary Anne though it all as well, remembering the death of her husband.

I love the Rocky films and the first Creed film followed in that brilliant path. Something that has been much improved is the actual boxing matches, using real boxers certainly does help with that. Those fight scenes are therefore very good, don't worry we get an impressive training regime as well. It wouldn't be one of these films without it. The thing that got me the most excited was hearing 'Gonna Fly Now' towards the end.

I felt the first Creed film was a truly emotional journey and in all honesty I was hoping this one wouldn't be at the same level and luckily it wasn't. I still totally loved and enjoyed it and felt full towards the end but luckily didn't have a full on breakdown.

I would say this was the perfect ending and closure on this franchise but we all know that never happens these days. But watching this film and the ending really was a nice way to wrap everything up and say goodbye, or pass it on? I would love it to be goodbye and finish at the very top in all honesty.

Michael B. Jordan is very impressive in the role of Adonis and a joy to watch, working very well with Stallone as Balboa. The exchanges they have with each other are very well worked along with some good impressive scenes. Isn't that what we wanted to see between these two characters? Of course it was.

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