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Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday Invitation

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
Oh yeah, it is time for that exciting part of the year once again. Party planning!!That means my kids are going to turn a year older very soon. You know, I always get mixed feelings when their big days come because as much as I am happy to see that they are growing up well, getting taller and turning wiser, I also wish to stop time and hang onto the moments when I can still cradle, caress and carry them while they are still tiny beings.
Anyway, back to the topic, for this issue of Creativity 521, I'm unveiling the theme for Angel's 5th birthday party. Think purple, tower, hair and I think you will get it.
Yes, it's going to be a RAPUNZEL themed party this year. She chose it herself and I'm just more than happy to oblige and think of ways to decorate our place and plan games that revolve around this favorite Disney princess of hers. But first, we have to get the birthday invitation done, so check out what we did!
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationMaterials used:
1) A4 purple metallic cards (290gsm)
2) Thick pink paper
3) Light purple copier paper
4) White cardboard
5) Yellow yarn
6) Ribbon roses
7) Scissors
8) Craft knife
9) Rainbow loom bands
10) Long ruler
11) White glue
12) Hot glue and glue gun
13) Sticky tape
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationFirstly, I drew Rapunzel's Tower in three parts onto a piece of white cardboard and cut them out separately. These will act as the template which will be the shape of our invite.
Tip: For the crenels of the tower and the window, you might want to use a craft knife instead of a scissors to ensure a clean cut.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationNext, I used the template and traced out the main body of the tower on the purple metallic card. I chose to use these cards because not only are they stiff and thick, they have this pearlescent look which I thought would look great for the tower.
I used the same paper for the roof of the tower but for the window, just to give it some variation, I traced it out on the pink paper instead. Once you are done tracing, cut them out neatly with the scissors and craft knife.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationFor the body of the invite, I did a simple design on Photoshop and formatted the text into an hour glass shape so that it will fit into the tower. Note that for all the pictures in this post, I have masked some text so as to keep our address and contact private.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationJust to make it easier to cut, I also did an hour glass template using the cardboard and used this to outline and cut out the text of the invite.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationNext, I stuck the text onto the main body of the tower using glue.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationTo finish the tower, I also placed the window and roof in place and glued them together.
Tip: To stick the roof onto the window, apply a thin line of glue along the top border of the pink paper. To stick these onto the tower, apply glue at the back of the purple paper and not the pink paper so that there will not be glue at the crenels.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationThis is how the invite should look like now! Almost done! Oh wait, there is something missing from the tower, right? Of course! It's Rapunzel's hair!
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationNow, for the hair, I cut out six strands of yarn (mine was around 10" each), tied them together with a loom band on one end and started to plait. Once that was done, I tied the other end with a second band.

Tip: To make it easier to plait, rest something heavy, for instance a book, on the top end of the yarn so that it stays put.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationAfter that, I inserted the hair through the window from the front and secured it with sticky tape at the back as shown.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationLastly, just because Rapunzel's hair always has pretty flowers on it, I used the hot glue to stick on some ribbon roses. I thought these looked really pretty and they made the plait look so feminine and sweet.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationAnd voila! It's completed!! Now, once you start to get the hang of it, it actually gets simpler and faster to make the rest!
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday Invitation
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationWithin a day, we finished all our invites and we are hoping our guests will be excited to receive them. Just so I wanted the birthday girl to put in her own effort and personalise the cards, she was tasked to write every of her friend's name using a gold pen. I had given her the liberty to decide on her own guest list this year so she was really thrilled to write down the names of her good friends from school.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationOne lesson that I once learnt from a party planning book is that it is always recommended to keep the group small so that everyone gets to enjoy thoroughly. In fact, the secret formula is: No. of guests = Age of birthday child + 1. I know, that does sound little so I would say the No. of guests could be kept to Age of child + 2. Or at most 3. We had 6 guests last year for Angel's Dora party which turned out to be a smashing success and every kid really had fun interacting and participating in all the games, which was what I had hoped for.
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationSo, with all the names written, we are now ready to invite our guests and get ourselves into the partying mood soon! I hope to keep the party simple yet fun and memorable for my dearest and her beloved friends!
Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday InvitationTill more updates on Angel turning 5!!
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Creativity 521 #55 - A Tangled Birthday Invitation

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