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Creative Thinking – A Powerful Tool To Sustain Organisational Success

Posted on the 19 January 2012 by Combi31 @combi31

Since the publication of Thomas Friedman’s book ‘The World Is flat’ with accounts of the major changes that are happening at present, there is a renewed interest among business organizations about gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. Rapid changes in the IT, technology and communication put pressure on business to respond more promptly to the challenges. Managers and employees at all levels need to respond effectively to the threats and opportunities. It is the ability to think creatively on the part of the employees that is going to make all the difference.To cope with the challenges created by the ‘World is Flat’ phenomenon, managers and employees need to become innovative in their thinking when seeking possible solutions to problems. There are several barriers we need to overcome when traveling on the road to success. The barriers relating to systems and people can be managed successfully only when we are prepared to tackle them through creative approaches. In the past we believed that knowledge is power. In the present flat world, it is the ability to imagine and seek creative and innovative solutions using the knowledge is the power. That is the way to sustain business success.Organisations that are serious about becoming and sustaining their competitive advantage must be prepared to train and develop their employees to think creatively so that they can work on innovating the process, system, product and practices. Managers must incorporate the creative problem solving approach as part of their decision making process.Creative thinking enables business organizations to think and merge information, existing ideas and practices into new ideas. Only then business firms can move on to convert the ideas into practical product or services. Creating the right work environment requires lot of effort and planning on the part of managers. Creative thinking is the powerful tool to garner and sustain your competitive advantage.Author: John ArulArticle Source: EzineArticles.comProvided by: Duty on LCD/Plasma TV

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