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Creative Copywriting 101: Why Your Ads Aren’t Paying Off

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Jarvisedwards @jarvis_edwards

creative copywriterYou are a stupendous writer. You know your way around an adjective. You turn prose in a short-breath. Your crafty wordplay can convince a nun to go topless on Sunday.  Yet for some reason—you just can’t seem to pay the bills with your skills.

You deserve to get paid for your artistic efforts; the blood, sweat and tears that you put into each granule of copy deserves a financial pat on the back, right? Sure…in a perfect world. Creative copywriting just might be your Achilles’ hill. Here’s why your ads aren’t paying off:

What Were Your Prospects Supposed to Do Again?

You forgot your call to action; it’s the very thing missing from your masterpiece. And if it IS there, it’s too weak to notice. Creative copywriting without a hard-hitting call to action is akin to going boating without the boat. Not a sinking chance.

Remember, you wrote the ad, sales letter, or other form of copy. YOU know exactly what you want your prospect to do. But herein lies the quandary—your prospects DON’T! Effective copy guides a potential buyer to the finish line posthaste, leaving little room for ball dropping. Either your writing conveys exactly what you need them to do, or they will do exactly what you don’t need them to do—clicking the big X or turning the page—to do business with your competition.

You Failed Psychology 101

Creative copywriting can deliver results. If your grasp of the human psyche and how it applies to selling is minimal, thus will become your sales—minimal. Writing a persuasive, engaging and effective ad is 99% psychology 1% theory. Become your prospect; solve problems and create benefits from their viewpoint, not your own. Don’t hate on psychologists—become one.

Your Target Audience Doesn’t Appreciate Good Art
Creative Copywriting 101: Why Your Ads Aren’t Paying Off

Yes, they are clueless. They have no idea how inspired you were when you crafted your masterful piece of work. If your prospects only knew how to read between the lines and grasp that elusive—yet brilliant—message in your copy. Since they clearly don’t see you’re the Picasso of copywriting, it’s their loss. Or is it?

Your Prospects Aren’t Giving Away Oscars

If your copy was used for a TV commercial, you would win an Oscar. Semi-relevant theme, stark symbolism, elusive presentation— would catapult your ad agency-arousing masterpiece to the upper echelon of artistic applause. Oh…and your poor-little prospect, who was all but forgotten when drafting your ad, doesn’t feel anything when reading it. No fluctuation in emotions whatsoever. BAD for sales. Learn what gets them emotionally involved in your product first; entertain them last.

So the next time you decide to use witty, clever and creative copywriting to woo your prospects, keep these points in mind. You may not win awards or accolades from stuffy agencies and demiurgic art buffs, but you’ll win sales. Besides, who gets paid to win awards? We don’t.

See you next time!

Jarvis EdwardsCreative copywriter (kinda)

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