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Creation Press - Red Hedz, 1989 - Fraud Accusations and Class Action Lawsuit Website

Posted on the 22 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Creation Press - Red Hedz, 1989 - fraud accusations and class action lawsuit websitein 1989, I had my first novel RED HEDZ (out of print) published by James Williamson and his Creation Records crew, brought to the book shelves via their Creation Press imprint based in Clerkenwell Road.
This is a 40,000 words short-sharp-shock novel I wrote about a figurative artist who's psycho-sexual paintings 'come to life' and LOVE HIM A LITTLE TOO HARD.
It was a folly, an absurdist one-hander, a chucklesome 'love is pain, begging for death' stream of unconsciousness. I saw Williamson with his new book RAISM from his new company on the old Anthony Wilson Art show on TV in UK late one night, phoned them up the next day and was published as their third title, if memory serves, a couple of months later. I really only wanted to get my psycho-sexual paintings on the covers of books.
I did intend to write follow-ups to Red Hedz and have them published by Creation Press but the relationship never went any further.
Looks like I AVOIDED A BLARING JUGGERNAUT, as there's quiet a verbal (legal) backlash from Creation Press's more recent stable of authors who claim they've been RIPPED OFF by the erstwhile Havoc who now resides in Thailand (well, that's where his company is based for tax purposes) and he's supposed to be 'resident in Japan'.
Unlikely, but...
Looks like the angry mob of writers who constructed the CREATION PRESS FRAUD website are chomping at the bit to Class Action Lawsuit Williamson's ass or otherwise legally nail his ass to the fucking wall. 1989 is such a long time ago, I don't even remember if Williamson EVER looked that angelic. Crazy world.

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