Creating a Capsule Wardrobe to Last for Years

Posted on the 07 March 2020 by Lina Twaian @linatwaian2

You’ve probably heard that the best way to have plenty of stellar outfits on hand is to create a capsule wardrobe, but what exactly is a capsule wardrobe and how does one go about making it?

First of all, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items, like building blocks, that will never go out of style and thus can be worn season after season by being paired with the trendier pieces. Items in a capsule wardrobe can include skirts, pants, and coats.

So, now that you know what it is, let’s figure out what pieces you need to make your very own capsule wardrobe.

A Trench Coat

The trench coat generally hits somewhere between the knees and the ankles, and it is made of a waterproof material. It was originally intended for Army officers but has become a fashionable coat to wear for decades. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and add a trench coat to your closet.

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A Pair of Black Pumps

Pumps are classified as a heeled, slip-on shoe with a low-cut front. A simple black pump can be worn to the office, to the club, and to a charity gala. Nearly every designer has styled a pair. Opt for a pair that is very good quality and comfortable so it will last for years to come.

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Pumps are classified as a heeled, slip-on shoe with a low-cut front. A simple black pump can be worn to the office, to the club, and to a charity gala. Nearly every designer has styled a pair. Opt for a pair that is very good quality and comfortable so it will last for years to come.

A Chunky Knit Sweater

Although traditionally made of wool, sweaters can be found in a range of materials. For your capsule wardrobe, choose one in a neutral color that can be layered over a lot of different outfits, and to amp up the coziness, a softer material is recommended.


A Black Blazer

A blazer resembles a suit jacket but with a more casual cut, and they are perfect for transforming a more casual outfit into something appropriate for the office. A simple black blazer can be layered over a shirt and pants, a dress, or even a skirt and tank top.

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A Pair of Black Trousers

A simple pair of black trousers is absolutely imperative. They can be paired with so many items and can be dressed up or down according to need. Make sure the fit is good for your body shape and not too trendy. Also, go for a good quality pair that is made from longer-lasting materials.


A Black, White, and Gray Tank Top

You will need a good quality tank top in black and in white, if you can also find a gray one or nude one, that wouldn’t be amiss either. These can be worn under items to make a sheer shirt wearable to work, they can be worn by themselves when the weather is muggy, or they can be worn under a cardigan for a cute casual look.


A Short-Sleeve Tee Shirt

Your capsule wardrobe needs at least one good quality plain short sleeve tee. Like the tank top, it is a versatile item that can be worn with jeans or shorts for a brunch date or even underneath a blazer for something a touch more formal.


A Long-Sleeve Tee Shirt

This will serve a similar function as the short-sleeve tee but will be more helpful in the wintertime. It is a perfect item for layering underneath your chunky knit sweater to keep you warm.


A Blouse

A couple of nice blouses are a must. Choose a nice white button-up, and at least one other style like a chambray shirt or a wrap-style blouse. They can be worn under your blazer for work, with jeans, or paired with a skirt.


A Little Black Dress

No woman’s closet should be without a little black dress. This item will work for so many occasions: date night, business meeting, funeral, happy hour. It can be paired with a blazer or a cardigan and dressed up or down with the right accessories.


A Cardigan

You need at least one cardigan in a neutral color to complete your capsule wardrobe. It is perfect for layering in the winter and turning a casual tee into something that could slide by during the workweek.


A Pair of Jeans

Of course, you need a pair of jeans, right? Who could survive in the modern world without the perfect pair of jeans (that make your butt look really good) in their closet? Invest in a pair that is of good quality and fits like a glove.


A Black Skirt

No matter if you have a skater, pencil, or A-line, just make sure that you have one really nice black skirt that fits well. It can be paired with all of your tops to create a multitude of looks.


Ready to Go Shopping?

Now that you know what a capsule wardrobe is, and you know what pieces you need to make it a reality, go to your closet and see if any of your existing items fit the bill. If you are lacking a few of these basics, then it will be time to go shopping. However, before you drop a wad of cash on new clothes, heed these tips

Make sure you match your closet to your lifestyle. Scale your items up or down on the casual meter depending on what you need to wear to work every day.
Only buy pieces that look amazing on you. You may be tempted by a little black dress because it is on sale, but if it doesn’t make you feel and look good, chances are you won’t wear it.
Consider your fabrics. If you tend to be rough on your wardrobe, then maybe stay away from silk blouses. If you have tactile issues, don’t get a wool sweater. If you are absolutely not going to hand wash, choose sturdier fabrics. Make sure your basic pieces are pieces that fit with your personality.
Take care of your items. The whole point of the capsule wardrobe is that it should last for years. Make sure you take good care of the items in your closet, choose quality fabrics and care for them as directed.

Now, you are ready to get out there and shop!

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