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Create Your Very Own Vertical Garden

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Create your very own vertical garden

When we think of a garden, we often imagine a variety of plants and flowers rooted in soil or pots. While your average garden can have plenty of depth and variations in terms of height, it will not necessarily take on a vertical appearance. Vertical gardens are a completely different concept and they are incredibly fascinating to look at. If you want to try your hand at creating your own vertical garden, here are some tips.

First, you will need to choose the perfect location. Depending on the types of plants you plan on growing, you could install a vertical garden indoors or outdoors. Make sure that you choose plants that enjoy similar conditions. For example, you wouldn't want to pair a plant that loves direct sunlight with one that prefers shade. Only one of these plants will thrive and the other will eventually perish.

Now you need some wooden planks. They need not be perfect but you might like to treat them with some kind of stain if you want the colour to suit your home. Arrange the planks side by side but don't line them up perfectly. Allow some to be higher than others for a more interesting look. You can secure each individual plank to the wall or you can attach two long planks to the back and attach all of the vertical planks to these two horizontal ones. Then you can hang or attach them to the wall.

Add hooks to your planks. These hooks need to be strong and they should face upwards. You will be attaching the pots to these hooks which is why they need to be particularly durable. Scatter your hooks so that one plant is higher up with the next one lower down and to the right. Then attach another hook higher up and further to the right. This allows each plant enough room to grow.

Once your planks and hooks are all properly secured, it's time to hang your plants! Avoid ceramic pots since they are heavy and they absorb water. Plastic pots are lighter and, if you like the look of ceramic pots, simply choose brown plastic ones instead. You can even decorate the pots if you like. For a low maintenance vertical garden, choose succuents and cacti. Remember, you might not be able to attach trays underneath the pots so, when watering, keep a container handy to catch any water that runs through the drainage holes. If you set your vertical garden outside, you can place another plant below it. Any excess water will flow down and keep the lower plant well hydrated.

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