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Create Your Own Comics ..kid Art

By Kinderpendent
create your own comics ..kid art
Kids are filled with all sorts of wonderful ideas, stories, adventures. This is a project that lets kids really utilize those big imaginations of theirs! (And it's great for introducing kids to story sequence, plot, and characterization.)
All you need is to print this (or draw a similar one on your own!):
(click to enlarge to original size--print in landscape page setting)
create your own comics ..kid art
Tell your child they are going to create their own adventure! Encourage them to create a character (superhero, boy, girl, princess, etc...) of their own. And ask them what they do first, second, next, & last. Once they get their creative juices flowing, have them draw their pictures in the boxes. Older kids may wish to include narration. Younger kids may dictate them to you to write for them.
When finished, display proudly! My daughter came up with "Adventures of Art Girl!" (a lovely tale about Art Girl, who is busy picking blue berries, when a strong wind blows her away. A bad fox comes around, and a king saves the day.) & it is hanging happily on our fridge for all to see.

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