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Creamy Sweet Potato Pasta

By Makebakeshare @makebakeshare

Creamy Sweet Potato Pasta
A great, quick, simple and tasty family pasta dish
A dish you can pack full of vegetables as a way to get your children to eat some of their 5 a day
Use fun shaped pasta for kids
Swap about or change the amounts of any of the ingredients to suit what you might have in your fridge.
Use bacon or chicken instead of ham or you may wish to not have any meat in it all and have as a vegetarian dish
You can also use as well as or instead of the hard cheese Philadelphia, any of the flavoured varieties such as chives, grilled peppers, sun dried tomato, garlic and herbs all work well
Prep & Cooking Time: 15-20mins Serves: 4 What you will need...

300-350 g uncooked pasta X2 slices of breaded ham cut in strips X2 medium sweet potatoes X1 small onion ½ tin of sweet corn A large handful of peas ½ courgette chopped 6 small mushrooms chopped 150-200mls of crème fraiche (half fat for a healthier version, especially as we are going to add cheese) Extra mature cheddar grated to taste (by using extra mature you will use less as the flavour will come through into the sauce stronger than a mild cheese) Seasoning, lots of black pepper works well with his sauce What you will need to do...

  • Cook pasta as according to packet instructions

Whilst pasta is cooking...
  • Pop the sweet potatoes in microwave for 5-6mins (depending on size, keep cooking until you can easily pierce knife all the way through)
  • Chop all the other ingredients into small bite size pieces
  • Heat some fry light (or a small dash of cooking oil) into a pan over a medium heat)
  • Add onions and fry for 2-3mins, next add your ham and stir for another 2mins
  • Add all your remaining vegetables and keep stirring for another few minutes
Creamy Sweet Potato Pasta
  • By this time your sweet potatoes should be ready to take out of the microwave, place on the chopping board and roughly chop (using a fork and a sharp knife as will be hot).  You can leave the skin on; don’t worry if potato breaks up as it will just blend into the sauce giving it extra taste
Creamy Sweet Potato Pasta
  • Stir in the sweet potatoes into your pan
  • Add your crème fraiche followed by your grated cheese and seasoning
  • Finally once pasta is cooked, drain and add into pasta sauce, give a good stir and serve
Creamy Sweet Potato Pasta
Creamy Sweet Potato Pasta

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