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Creamy, Dreamy Dessert Tops a Loving Relationship

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

A Loving Relationship

According to almost every marriage therapist on the planet, a loving relationship between partners is based on communication, trust, respect, intimacy and the acceptance of each other. Without these key ingredients, any couple concoction will “bake flat or fall.” No matter how much icing is slathered on a couple’s “cake,” it won’t taste good or be pretty.

Once your basic cake is Martha Stewart perfect, then you can add the gooey sweet toppings that bring such joy and pleasure to relationships. Every solid relationship needs a few de-lick-able desserts to keep partners satiated and to get a loving relationship, sweet loving relationship


Although strawberries, chocolate, and mint are well known aphrodisiacs and can evoke passion and pleasure, each relationship should have its own silver tray of sweets and savories to tempt and tantalize.


What puts the cherry on your sundae?


For some couples, “dessert” might be a few stolen moments alone at the end of the day. For others, it might be sex toys or fantasy role playing. Still others find sweet pleasure in music, dancing, or exhilarating outdoor adventures. Whatever brings pleasure to a couple’s relationship is a sweet and delicious treat which so often ignites the spark for hot and heavy lovemaking, the ultimate carnal dessert!


Think of all the desserts you love and mix their ingredients into your relationship. Maybe a lemon meringue pie will bring out the tart in you. Or, think about rolling butter cream frosting in your mouth and feel how it pleasures your tongue. Like whipped cream? It makes excellent finger paint!


“Desserts” invite playfulness, excitement, and anticipation into a relationship. When the dessert trolley rolls by, lovers have such delightful choices to make! Why not take two!

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