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Crazy Lucky

By Blairbarnes

I recently started working at a chain Italian restaurant about nine
months ago. It is my first serving job and i’m very grateful for it
being i’m the youngest there and had no experience. One night i got a
table that im sure every waiter has had before. The one were you know
its going to be a waste of your time and every other server takes it
upon themselves to point out your fucked. It was four black women, and
keep in mind i’m not racist in anyway however more then less the tip
will be less then generous. Maybe its the area the stores in or
whatever but its a well known fact throughout the store. The big
problem i had was i needed to make another 100 by the end of the night
to pay my car payment the next day. This was my last table and i was
expecting maybe a 10 dollar tip at the most. When it came time for the
check i had given up on the idea that i would make enough money and
began thinking of ways to push it off which was unrealistic. To my and
everyone else’s surprise they tipped me 12o dollars on a 100 check. I
don’t know if they made a mistake or if god gave me a miracle but i
like to think it was an act of kindness, something like i’ve never
seen. I never mentioned to these ladies that i needed to make 100, i
just served them like i did everyone else. All in all the point i’m
trying to make is you really shouldn’t judge or serve anyone
differently because regardless of skin color you never know a position
someone else is in and you gotta be grateful for everything you make.
Being a server with an underlying racist mind set is just immature and
wont get you far.

- Bill

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