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Crazy GOP, Lying GOP

Posted on the 12 February 2013 by Doggone
A Republican member of Congress has invited Ted Nugent to the state of the union speech.
There chosen tactic is polarization through deliberate lies intended to create fear. It is the essence of propaganda designed to engage strong emotions, in order to prevent critical thinking.
No one would ever equate Ted Nugent, board member of the NRA, who has threatened the life of the President, as well as former Sec. of State Clinton, with being a thoughtful or factual human being. Nugent is a draft dodger, criminal hunter with multiple violations, and accused pedophile, and advocate FOR gun violence and insurrection.
That's the GOP idea of a patriot, of 'family values'. It does not meet the definition found in any dictionary, or any reasonable use of the words.
Crazy GOP, Lying GOP

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