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Crazy for Crabs

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
Crazy for crabs, we headed to Gaisano Country Mall to chow on some crabs at a restaurant on the ground floor called... Crazy Crab!Crazy for CrabsCrazy for CrabsThough they offer many other fares, without blinking an eye, we ordered crabs (and took a photo of only the menu page for crabs). The first price is with rice, the second one without.
Crazy for CrabsPrepare to eat with your fingers. They do have spoons and forks and something to dig into the shells, but don't you think it is more appetizing to eat crabs with your fingers? :)Crazy for CrabsCrazy for CrabsSweet and spicy crab versus Garlic crab
Do not make me compare, I love both! It took us an hour to clean our plate but we wanted more!! I could have licked the shells of all its yummy sweet and spicy and garlicky goodness!
Crazy Crab
Gaisano Country Mall
Banilad, Cebu City
(032) 416 2344
11AM - 9PM Daily
How the crazy crabs pinced money off Mustachio's pocket:
Garlic crab with rice Php 160
Sweet and spicy crab with rice Php 160
Rice Php 12
Calamansi juice Php 25

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