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Cranky Pants

By Liminalspace @Liminal__Space
Cranky Pants

Ooooowwweee I have been such a cranky pants today!! Today marks week 5 of lock down for me. (At least now I know what my capacity is!)

I taught a class this morning and several times during it I had to fight the urge to sit up and say, “You know what, guys? I can’t do this. Someone else has to take the reigns today. I’m gonna crawl back in bed and wait for tomorrow to come.” Instead, I powered through it. That is usually what I do: I power through. In my line of work I have a responsibility to NOT bring “my stuff” to the table.

After my morning class I took Luna for a long walk and decided I wouldn’t be doing anybody any favors by withholding. I don’t usually think of me not bring “my stuff” to work as withholding, but today that is what it felt like. So, when I signed on with my clients and they asked me how I am, instead of saying my usual, “I’m great! What’s going on with you?” I said, “Ooopf, I’m hitting a wall today with all of this: I haven’t seen a live human face in days. I am teaching to a non-responsive empty room of cameras and I am eating like a second-term pregnant woman. How are you feeling?” Immediately each one of them launched into their version of the wall they hit today.

Not that I needed anymore evidence in the existence of the collective unconscious, but I certainly got it today. That being said, how’s it going with your wall…?

I will scale this wall—just like I have every one I have ever come across—and so will you. Yoga will hold our hands through it, as it always does.

I am teaching the next two days (see below) and then taking Friday and Saturday off. Join me tomorrow (Wed) and Thursday and let’s get through this together. Practices this week will be more restorative based. Which reminds me, below are new videos I recently posted to my YouTube Channel. One of which is of my favorite restorative pose: Inverted Mummy. Check it out. It feels so good!

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