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Cranes Flying ! and ... White Finger Nails !!

Posted on the 21 September 2022 by Sampathkumar Sampath

Life has changed in fast lane !  - perhaps modern day kids do not play as much – simple and silly games, beliefs too have changed !!

A couple of decades ago, when one spotted a Crane (Kokku) – kids (especially girl children) would rub their fingernails – கொக்கே! கொக்கே!  பூ போடு !! -  asking heavenly for white patch on nail, considering it to be a beauty !!

Having rubbed many a times, many of us found that nails looked very ordinary .. .. years later learnt that a patchy white nail is not good to have as it could mean a low   red blood cell count.  Pale White nails could be  indicative of any or a combination of the conditions including anemia, overuse of nail polish, weak nails, and some other diseases.

Moving away, one need not go to exotic places to see flowers – just now saw these 3 flying over Triplicane !! 

Cranes flying ! and ... white finger nails !!

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