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Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread 蔓越梅阿扁面包

By Awayofmind
Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread 蔓越梅阿扁面包
近来的我在烘焙这方面都是懒散的,孩子每一天的课程都是排得满满的,一有空摊我就想在沙发上磕睡一下。好不容易在朋友那找回烘焙灵感,看她完成每一个漂亮的成品让我手瘾大起,这是real world 的Bake-Along。 那天从集会带回倆个朋友弄的蔓越梅阿扁面包,我家孩子吃下倆个还嫌不够,今天就开工弄了十二个,这应该够吃了吧? ^^ 

A few days ago, I brought home two yummy cranberry cream cheese flat buns after I attended Asian Coffee Morning. It was a beautiful bun baked by a friend, her beautiful bakes really inspired me to continue my baking journey which nowadays most of the time I find it lack of motivation to do so. My son love the cranberry cream cheese bread, he asked for more after taking two! As I have three tubs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese sitting in my fridge, I decided to put them into good use.

When searching on the filling, I find there are two types of filling recipe, one is cream cheese with condensed milk the other one is cream cheese with icing sugar, I used the later. With water roux in the bun, it produces a fluffy soft bread texture.  Huh... I forgot to flatten the bun a bit after shaping, and thought I could press down the bun with a tray on top before baking, I think I pressed it too hard. It was a mistake that cause some buns to have hairline cracks on the edge of the bun after baked.

Thanks Cook With No Books for the beautiful recipe!

Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread 蔓越梅阿扁面包

Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread 蔓越梅阿扁面包

Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread 蔓越梅阿扁面包

Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread 蔓越梅阿扁面包

Cranberry Cream Cheese Bread 蔓越梅阿扁面包

Recipe adapted from Cook With No Books with minor changes

Water Roux:

30g bread flour
150ml water

Bread dough:

300g bread flour
100g plain flour
80g sugar
20g milk powder
1 tbsp instant dried yeast
1/4 tsp fine salt
1 egg 
50g dried cranberries, soaked in hot water for 10 mins then drained
150ml cold water (add in gradually)
60g cold butter, cubes (I used 50g)
some extra bread flour for dusting the dough and hands if the dough is too sticky 


260g cream cheese, room temperature (I used 300g)
60g icing sugar


1. Prepare water roux: Mix bread flour with water in a small saucepan, heat up under medium heat to 65C, keep stirring until the mixture thicken. Cover and set aside.

2. Prepare the bread dough: Combine all the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl, add the water roux and egg. Knead the dough using KitchenAid speed 1 and gradually add the cold water while kneading. Switch the KA speed to 4 and let the bread dough knead until it form smooth dough, add in the butter cubes, let the KA continue to knead until the dough form elastic film. Add in the cranberries, knead in the cranberries to the dough.

3. Let the dough proof to double its size, about 40 mins, depends on how hot is your kitchen. 

4. Whisk the cream cheese together with sugar in a bowl, set aside to chill in the freezer.
5. Transfer the proof dough to a floured worktop, punch down the air and divide the dough into 12 portions. Rest the dough for 10 mins. (If the wet dough is too sticky, dust the dough and your hands with some bread flour)
6. Flatten the bread dough, spoon a tbsp of cream cheese into the middle of the dough, wrap up the dough by gather the edge and pinch the dough to seal. Dust both side of the dough with bread flour, use the hands to flatten the dough a bit. Place the bread dough on a lined baking tray, leave enough space in between each dough. Let it proof for 30 mins.
7. Lay a piece of parchment paper over the bread dough. Weigh down the dough with another baking tray over it. 8. Bake at preheat oven at 210C for 12 mins.*Can chill the bun in the freezer, reheat 30 seconds in the microwave will still produces soft fluffy bun. 

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