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Crafts and Kids

By Chandnis80
The most obvious benefit of doing arts and crafts is that the activity promotes creativity. Creativity engages a number of mental processes, such as problem solving, idea generation, and comprehension. Making something from raw material also comes with considerable personal rewards and a sense of accomplishment.Creative actions serve to increase self-awareness and promote self-acknowledgment.
One of the most important developmental phases for children is that time when they begin to master basic motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Art builds up physical co-ordination. Activities like painting, drawing, coloring, cutting, joining and gluing things together to form a new object improve motor coordination in children.
While plenty of craft projects are flexible enough to allow children to explore their ingenuity, most of them involve a set of instructions that must be followed in order to produce the final product.
Crafts are fun and instructional for children. Having fun is a cornerstone of childhood, and its value should never be discounted when coming up with interesting activities for children to explore.
Perseverance is regularly stated as the single most important quality for any successful business person, sportsman, professional or individual.Fortunately, arts and craft improve everyone's perseverance. Kids learn to keep trying until they finish any task. And if something goes wrong... they simply persist by trying new ways and means. This is a good way for kids to learn patience and to understand that sometimes it takes work to achieve a positive final result.
Similar to having perseverance, developing concentration is probably the second best quality any successful individual can have. Arts and craft will definitely teach your child to focus on one specific task at hand... ignoring other distractions. In short, concentration will definitely improve.
Heres a little something that my kids created when i gave them a plain piece of printing paper. inst it cute:)
Crafts and kids

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