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Crafting for Charity

By Made4aid

Crafting for charity and copyright- whose patterns can we use?

We love to hear from people who are interested in donating their work to made4aid. Sometimes people ask us to suggest sources for designs or patterns they could use, particularly for textile items - knitting, sewing, crochet, and this important as we cannot sell items you have made using someone else's pattern or design, if that pattern or design is copy-right protected (ie. if it says 'only for personal use').

So, we have put together some of the links we have found to patterns which are copy-right free, or which can be sold for charity fund-raising.

Do please let us know if you have other sources we could add to this list.

  • Knitting for charity, free knitting patterns
  • Free hat patterns - knitting - for charity
  • - free patterns for charity knitting
  • Bug in a rug blog, knitting patterns
  • Alan Dart Open use of Alan's patterns for charity, but note that this excludes patterns for licensed characters (eg. Disney or similar). Free and/or low-cost patterns.
  • Fawn Pea's knitting patterns - permission given to use these for charity.  She is also on Ravelry, with some free patterns available there

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