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Crafting an IT Strategy: Some Points to Consider

Posted on the 23 January 2013 by Litcom
  • How is IT perceived in your organization?  How can this perception (if negative) be changed?
IT Strategy Crafting an IT Strategy: Some points to consider

If IT has a track record of failed projects, and as a result, the business has poor confidence in IT, it might be time for a change. Using a third party that is knowledgeable in IT Strategy implementation to interview executives is a great way to ensure privacy and unbiased results throughout the organization.

  • What are the growth strategies for your organization?

What are the critical areas that need attention? What are the goals of your organization?

  • What does IT need to look like?

What kind of staffing does your organization need to meet its IT needs?  What does the IT organization need to look like in order to accomplish these goals? Detail about roles and responsibilities would be useful in discovering any gaps or overlaps in roles.

  • What do the financials look like?

Is the IT budget sufficient to get things accomplished? Is there a way to reduce IT expenditures in order to focus on revenue producing activities?

  • What processes will you put in place to make sure that IT is aligned with the goals of your organization?

It’s imperative that you understand the business and how applied technology will move goals forward.

The Litcom Approach

Litcom provides an IT Strategy and roadmap, enabling an organization to most effectively leverage technology. Our comprehensive IT Strategy approach helps organizations shape the direction of their IT. We assist organizations in developing:

  • A comprehensive IT strategy, including IT opportunity assessment, shareholder value diagnosis and IT investment prioritization
  • IT strategy for mergers and acquisitions and due diligence
  • Strategies for all key components of IT, including information strategy, IT sourcing strategy, IT systems strategy and IT infrastructure strategy

To see how Litcom can assist with your organization’s IT Strategy plans, please contact us at: [email protected]

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