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Posted on the 27 November 2011 by Bgdn_adrian
Craft shopDescription: The process consists of crafting various hand-made items, ornaments or a craft shop offering its visitors and fans all the tools necessary for developing their passion for crafting, such as patterns, books and sources of inspiration. Such a craft shop can work both online and offline, and a supply store will be necessary, taking into account the market requirements in the area of ​​the store. Many people want to make ornaments for special occasions, holidays or even for handmade gifts, but small amounts of resources necessary for carrying out different items and ornaments cannot be found on hand. A craft supply shop can deal with:
different types of adhesives in small containers for different materials, different types of paint in small quantities for different types of surfaces, different categories of paper, dried flowers, dried fruits, different types of containers, dried seeds, broken pieces of ceramics in different colors, pieces of colored glass in different colors, different types of stone, etc.. Besides the necessary crafting products, a craft shop can also sell the products made in their own workshop.
Resources needed: - to study the concept of crafting and its various types
   - Making the list of products needed
   - Acquisition of necessary products for selling
   - Online promotion and / or off the site, through business cards, flyers.
Advantages: - low costs of achieving the business
  - Requires knowledge in handmade ornaments and products
   - Allow the customer to test their imagination
   -It provides customer solutions in a cheaper and more original manner than series products
Disadvantages: - If the promotion is effective, this business does not have disadvantages
Conclusions: This activity began to take off lately, but the materials required are found only in large quantities and spread out over different types of stores.

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