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Cowboy Boots: Perfect Outdoor Chic

By Ty Watson

Are you ready to get outside, have a little fun in the sun, get a little messy in the fields, or go exploring to see nature at its finest? No matter your destination, the world is waiting for you to take on your next challenge. But you still want to stay in style and feel comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors.

The good news is that cowboy boots have been trending upward in the fashion world, have staying power like few rivals, and work for all walks of life. Take a look at these trusted options to maintain that perfect outdoor chic look to get you where you're going.

Match Brightly Colored Boots With a Cute Summer Dress

Cowboy Boots: Perfect Outdoor Chic

Everyone has their creative ways that help them enjoy the great outdoors, but when the sun comes out to play, it's nice to stay cool while a stylish pair of boots do the heavy lifting.

If the temperature is rising where you live, begin your next outdoor adventure with a simple and modest denim dress that matches your personal aesthetic, flows naturally, and allows for maximum fun without weighing you down. Pair the dress with a colorful set of boots to amplify your footwear while maintaining a breezy yet elegant style.

Remember the Classics for that Authentic Look

Is there anything more iconic in the Western world than riding into town in an authentic pair of cowboy boots?

Naturally accentuate a great pair of Western-style cowboy boots with a collared shirt and a pair of dark, close-fitted jeans with a boot cut. Before you know it, you'll be ready to watch the rodeo or at least look like you've been to one.

Want to accessorize? You can nail the look with a cowboy hat, a belt with a decorative buckle, and a denim or leather jacket to tie it all together. Of course, it's probably best you leave the spurs at home unless you're taking horseback riding lessons.

Show Off Your Boots With Skinny Jeans or Denim Shorts

If you'll go to all the effort of picking out the perfect pair of boots, you definitely want people to notice, even when the colder months come along and you need to think about staying warm.

You can show off your new favorite pair of boots during fall or winter by tucking your favorite skinny jeans, or even a cute pair of leggings, into your cowboy boots for a look that displays everything you want to reveal to the world around you.

When the weather outside turns the corner, you can exchange those skinny jeans for denim shorts, another time-tested favorite that will still let your boots do the talking while keeping you comfortable outside.

While some styles are difficult for the novice to master, remember how simple it is to match your favorite pair of cowboy boots with fun and fashionably chic pair of pants, shorts, or a dress. Use these simple methods to see heads turn as you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

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