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Covid-19 - Four-month Waves (part 3)

Posted on the 07 August 2022 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

AS I said in March: "Looking at that, I won't be surprised if there's another peak in June 2022."
It seems that the various variants of the virus are mutating more slowly and/or resistance (from previous infections or jabs) is waning more slowly, because the peak of the current wave wasn't until late July. From Worldometers:
Covid-19 - four-month waves (part 3) But better roughly right as precisely wrong as they say. The good news is that even at the peak, daily deaths were only a fraction of previous peaks, and barely up from the low in June. Unless 'they' just can't bothered collecting/faking* the numbers any more (* delete according to taste).
And I guess the next wave in four or five months' time will be barely noticeable and we can concentrate on worrying about something else, like World War Three, the cost of living crisis or Ukraine-related mass hunger.

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