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Cover Reveal: The Camp by Karice Bolton

By Compelledbywords @compelledbyword
What's up guys! Today I'm here with yet another awesome cover reveal from Karice Bolton, and hosted by the lovely Ashley over at BB Tours! I have been sucked in by Karice's book covers from day one, probably because they were created by none other than Claudia over at PhatPuppyArt. She does such phenomenal work that I could almost guarantee I'd buy any book she's gotten her hands on, regardless of content. 

I haven't had the chance to read any of Karice's novels just yet but I have a few of them so it's definitely on my to do list! If I love a YA author enough, I'll definitely jump into their adult titles as well, which is probably exactly what will happen in this case. I just know I'm going to adore Karice as much as everyone else does. I'm already a fan since Ashley loves her and she uses Claudia for her covers! Now, let's learn about the upcoming title Karice is brewing shall we? Cover Reveal: The Camp by Karice Bolton The Camp

(stand alone)
by Karice Bolton
Date of Publication: 2013
Publisher: Bulldog Press

Synopsis Emma has always strove for perfection in her almost eighteen years of existence, but it has never been good enough. As she finds herself counting the days until she’s officially free from her parents’ reins, her stepfather hands her a plane ticket explaining that she must attend the Re-Boot Camp in the wilds of Alaska.
Once she lands in the middle of nowhere, she realizes the camp is nothing like she imagined, and she wants out immediately. That is until she meets Liam.
The camp is full of teens with dark pasts, but she finds herself drawn to Liam’s ability to see who she really is and who she wants to become. While Emma and Liam begin adjusting to a place neither want to be, frightening events begin to unfold. When people begin disappearing, it becomes apparent they can only trust one another as they fight for survival.


Karice Bolton is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy author living in the Pacific Northwest. All three books in The Watchers Trilogy are available now, Awakening, Legions, and Cataclysm. Lonely Souls, which is the first book in her new series Witch Avenue, was released in June 2012!
Karice married the love of her life who she met in high school, and she still can't get over how cute and funny he is. They have two English Bulldogs that are the cutest bullies in the world, and they use their cuteness to get what they want. Karice loves the snow and gravitates towards the stuff as often as possible! She enjoys skiing and tries really hard to snowboard, but often makes a nice little area to sit while everyone zips by on their board. She enjoys writing, and she also loves to read just about anything with print.
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And thennn... So what do you guys think? This cover is pretty cool, and the story seems right up my alley! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it when the time comes! How about you?

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