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Couqley: Like Always, Simply Great

By Nogarlicnoonions @nogarlicnoonion
Anthony's Restaurant Rating: 90/100 X

Welcoming:9/10 Menu Choices: 9/10 Food Presentation: 9/10

Food Temperature: 9/10 Food Taste: 17/20 Service: 10/10

Ambiance/Music: 9/10 Architecture/Interior: 9/10 Air Quality: 9/10

Total: 90/100

It’s been some time since I last came to Couqley, the place for good food, great ambiance and professionalism. I decided to visit again to indulge in some more pain perdu and their famous steak-frites until that was, I laid my eyes on the special of the day board.

Couqley has been a favorite in Beirut, providing a real French bistro experience in a setup that will transport you to the streets of Paris, to those buildings built more then a century ago, where the wooden interior makes for an authentic, cozy experience. I sat in one of the corners and enjoyed the vibes this restaurant has to offer.


The first impression was great:

  • I loved the ambiance
  • It was calm, without the music that can add transform to noise in a busy restaurant
  • The waiters were all very well trained and professional
  • The colors were less yellowish and more fresh, until the 23rd hour passed
  • The blackboard has an interesting selection on offer

The place, in a few lines:

  • Couqley has a French brasserie setup
  • The restaurant has an outside and inside dining area
  • There’s an outside terrace with its wooden pergola
  • The inner restaurant’s high ceiling creates a soothing atmosphere
  • 14 lamps suspended from the ceiling give a warm yellowish light all around
  • Six pictures on the wall welcome you as you take a seat
  • A long, brown chesterfield sofa sits along one brick wall
  • Look up the wall and you can see wine boxes, opened bottles as well as a wine barrel
  • By the main door the floor is made up of little marble cubes with the Couqley logo
  • The bar is full of suspended glasses, hanging above the surfaces
  • A door takes you to the kitchen
  • Wooden chairs have their own individual red and green cushions
  • Brown wooden square tables give an authentic feeling
  • Paper place-mats and a bread plate sit ready on every table
  • Two different checkered napkins; one green and the other red matching the table to the decor
  • The plates are branded with the restaurant’s logo – I like that



The menu:

  • Starters
  • Salads
  • Plat Express
  • Side Orders and Sauces
  • Recommendation du Chef (Cote de boeuf)
  • Plat Principal
  • Weekday Lunch Formula
  • The Wine Selection, Couqley carafes, wine by the glass

Dinner was very good:

  • Foie gras with pain d’epice: The best part of the experience is the bread. The aromas it dissipates announce the start of a luxurious experience. Three rectangular foie gras blocs, served with strawberry coulis and balsamic vinegar, simple and nice despite the foie gras being overly soft. On the other hand I loved the strawberry mix; diced strawberries mixed with a bit of sugar. It’s a light and revisited version the average strawberry jam.


  • Quiche Parma ham LBP17,000: The Parma ham made me smile. A triangular piece of tart is served with a green salad. A fine piece of crunchy dough, filled with intense melted cheese and crunchy diced pieces of Parma ham added a smoky flavor. I loved it.


  • Crab cakes: two circular pieces served with a green salad. Well seasoned and oil-free, they were as good as they should be. I might have preferred them crunchy, though.


Before moving to the main plates, I have to say that the mixed green salad was really good. Fresh, lemony, well seasoned, crunchy and enjoyable.

Here is where the fun begins:

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