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Counting Down the 2012 Knits

By Nancymccarroll
Just because I was curious, I looked over on my Ravelry page to county the number of knitted projects I finished in 2012.  Drum roll, please....there were 27 garments.
Wowser Dowser, that was a heck of a lot of knitting in the past year.
Last project finished thus far were for a friend with arthritis, an avid gardener who supplied us with squash and tomatoes all summer.  We really enjoyed his produce.  Here is one of Mr. Gardener's ... actually Mr. Woods'...wristers:
Counting Down the 2012 Knits
Then the husband said his old ones were not as sturdy as the ones he was modeling, so he wanted a pair like Mr. Woods was given.  But he wanted a pair with the thumbs knitted for extra warmth, so I modified this pattern and should be through with another pair shortly.
Other modifications on the pattern: sport weight yarn was held double to achieve a more sturdy fabric.  The yard used was 90% alpaca from Lonesome Stone Fiber Mill in Granby, Colorado.  They have 70 alpacas they rear and shear and process wool for their family owned business.  This is a picture of their mill:
Counting Down the 2012 Knits
Lonesome Stone alpaca fibers can be accessed here if you want to purchase yarn directly from their mill.
And these are the wristers for the Mister, half way completed:
Counting Down the 2012 Knits

Counting Down the 2012 Knits

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