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Counterfeit Christians And The Truth About Salvation

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Counterfeit Christians And The Truth About SalvationWalking With Jesus

Counterfeit Christians And The Truth About Salvation
I never understood why people who’d done tons of dirt and/or who lived an iniquitous lifestyle before supposedly turning to Jesus Christ were so judgmental and harsh towards those who’d never done anything close to what they did within their lifetime.

And when you reach the limit in tolerating their hypocrisy and tell them the truth about themselves, they’re quick to respond with, “We all fall short of the glory of God”. These words are often used by them to undermine and to downplay the individual who confronts them on their own misdeeds and behaviors. Their traits of manipulation and deviousness conveniently resume instantly, yet they claim to be a born-again Christian.

They make irrational or petty comments about others based on preconceived ideas and notions even when they don’t know one all too well.

There actions definitely have more to show about them than they do anyone…

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