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Could the Presidents Cup Benefit from a Golf Tailgate Party?

By Golfforbeginners

With the kick-off of football season and the golf year winding down, attention is turning to fans hanging out in arena parking lots, barbecuing and reveling in team spirit.

With regards to golf, except maybe for the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, a.k.a. the "loudest hole in golf", the sport has always been more "refined" than football... except when Tiger Woods and Team USA get ready to challenge the rest of the world!

The Presidents Cup in November could be the perfect opportunity to give the sport a boost of adrenaline, actively involve current fans and add new supporters to golf with an all purpose "tailgate party" atmosphere!

Andrea Woroch, a nationally recognized consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli, Inc. recently sent me her "Thrifty Tailgating Tips to Kick-Off Football Season on a Budget". I would like to share a basic "recipe" for success while, at the same time, attempt to make these tips work for a golf tailgate party, whether watching from New York or celebrating down-under in Melbourne, Australia!

For those lucky individuals who will be driving to see the Presidents Cup, Andrea says the atmosphere at a major tailgate party is all about community. Team-up with your friends; assign a couple of people to drinks, several to snacks, and you take care of the grill and meat. Potluck works wonders and cuts costs for everyone. Beer and burgers may be okay for football but in golf where the crowd may be less rowdy(?), how about adding pates, paired wines and cheeses? Andrea also suggested which has dozens of free, fan-submitted recipes.

Don't forget the supplies. Tailgating requires a lot of supplies and preparation before the big day, from carrying oversized coolers and pop-up canopies to folding tables and chairs. Before heading to the store to buy whatever gear you're lacking, find out if you can borrow from friends, neighbors or coworkers.

One of the signs of a high-quality football tailgate party is "a team flag flying high and jerseys as far as the eye can see." The Presidents Cup is the perfect opportunity to profess your national unity. Golf is a global game, so let's all be proud to see every nation's colors fly!

Woroch also suggests that fans "get their game on!"

Whether you find yourself grilling in a parking lot and/or gathering in front of your 60" big screen TV and Weber man-sized grill, include a few games in your plans. Sure it's easy and a great idea to bring along a football to toss around but how about incorporating games like Cornhole and Ladder Chipping golf games? Pull out a few putters and a prefab putting mat too.

For those fans like me who will be watching the Presidents Cup from home, you get the best seat in the house, a better barbecue grill, refrigeration and multiple hi-def replay angles from your large LCD display. You won't have to choose which golfer to follow, the golf tailgate party won't involve cars and parking lots and you won't be fighting traffic either!

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