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Could Apple Surpass Google in Search One Day ?

Posted on the 03 July 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains


There was an interesting article on of all places with regards to Apple going after Google in search. The article discussed the fact that Applebot has been crawling the web for close to a year and that back in May, Apple made that clear.

The article also delves into why Apple cannot collect as much data as Google does due to their differing policy when it comes to privacy.

From the article:

Apple sticks its head into search

Applebot has been crawling webpages for the better part of the year. Web developers noticed the bot, which seems to be programmed in Google’s Go language, last year. Apple made it official on May 5 of this year, but its purpose wasn’t clear. For years tech commentators have been forecasting the creation of an Apple search engine, what we got was much more revolutionary.

Apple unveiled many new features of Spotlight and Siri search at the WWDC 2015 keynote on June 8. Two things came out of the presentation. First, Spotlight and Siri are coming together into a cohesive whole, with one based in text on the other on voice, and second, they’re becoming much much more powerful.

The tools will allow iPhone users to search for data both in-app and on the web through Apple’s search tools. It will also, using the AI that’s been developed so carefully with Siri, be able to interpret natural language, making it a much more user friendly tool than anything Google is offering right now. There are problems with the idea, however.

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