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Côte d'Or Dark Chocolate Noir with Almonds

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Côte d'Or noir almond
I've always been partial to Côte d'Or chocolates, even though they're a rare find in the UK. I've only ever seen them on market stalls selling discounted European stuff, and that's exactly where I spotted this Côte d'Or dark chocolate with almonds recently. It was a mere 99p for 200g - bargain!
Côte d'Or dark
It's described as "high quality plain chocolate with whole almonds" and contains 46% cocoa solids. Not particularly high for dark chocolate, but acceptable for "plain" or "semisweet" chocolate I suppose. It's made by Mondelez Belgium.
Côte d'Or dark chocolate almond
The bar is very thick with interesting shaped chunks, each one with the Côte d'Or elephant logo printed on. I really do love the feel of Côte d'Or bars, they're a lot more substantial than what Cadbury bars have now become!
Côte d'Or dark noir almond
There were plenty of almond pieces distributed throughout the bar, but it didn't smell particularly appetising, I suspect it may have suffered somewhat during transit.
Côte d'Or dark noir almond
The chocolate tasted ok, but was a bit underwhelming. The almonds were a nice touch but they didn't taste particularly fresh, and neither did the chocolate. It had a slightly "off" taste although it was still within the best before date. I also felt it could have been a bit stronger in flavour.
Overall, this bar is sadly a bit of a miss. I do enjoy Côte d'Or chocolate and some of their milk chocolate truffle bars can be absolutely lovely, but this one isn't a standout for me.
6 out of 10. 

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