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Cosy up Your Home

By Evette Garside @evette77

When you want to make some changes to your home but are struggling to decide on what look to create, we bring you some style tips from the home of warmth, cosiness and natural design.

If you're looking to cosy up for winter then Hygge style could be just the design trend you're looking for. In this short blog we give you some top tips on how to Hygge up your home, Danish-style.

Get The Ambience Right

Those harsh ceiling lights need to be dimmed down and replaced with uplighters and floor lights. We're talking about warm lighting, casting soft shadows around your room. Nothing stark, or minimal. Think open fire and soft furnishings.

To get the Hygge look, you need to think about creating a space that's filled with softness and natural materials. That doesn't mean you need to rip everything up and start from scratch but think about adding to what you have for a sense of well being.

Alongside your lighting, you might think about adding throws, lots of deep fluffy cushions and how floor rugs add luxury to any room.

Imagine your bare feet sinking into deep pile as you settle down on a sofa complete with soft cushions and blankets.

Cosy up your Home
Cosy up your Home

Natural Decor

In terms of decor, focus on natural wood. You don't have to choose one type but mix up grains and tones as you see fit. Keep your paint colours neutral but add depth to the room using darker colours if your living area is on the small side already.

The Danish influence is so strong it also means you might want to extend the Hygge look around the rest of your home too.

Swap out your IKEA plates and cutlery for more individual, artisanal offerings and ditch that formica dinner table in favour of a table topped with natural wood, complete with knots and imperfections.

Your bedroom too can benefit from the Hygge touch and be transformed into a cosy den, shutting out the outside world and promoting a great night's sleep.

The Hygge look is all about comfort, well being and cosyness. At this time of year it's the perfect remedy for cold winter nights and rainy days. When you've spent a long day at work or taking care of children the thought of sinking onto a soft sofa complete with open fire and your favourite TV show is what's kept you going.

The great thing about this look is that it doesn't cost a lot of money to perfect. Natural materials, lots of fresh plants and some clever lighting and you're almost there. Add some little touches of luxury by changing up your sofa cushions and adding a couple of rugs and you've achieved the popular Hygge look.

Extend the look throughout your home, one room at a time until you've completely updated your look and created a welcoming, luxurious interior ready to shut out the winter nights and celebrate all things Danish.

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