Business Magazine Confiscated Temporarily by Spanish Government

Posted on the 20 March 2020 by Worldwide @thedomains

According to the registrant of the Spanish government has confiscated the name. They did say it would be returned when the crisis was over. said he turned down a $10,000 offer on the name.

Here is the post on Namepros:

Not going to complain as they said they would give back the domain after this crisis is over (supposedly).
I should have grabbed that $10k offer.
But after I blew off that offer because they tried to scare me that Spanish Gov would take it. I cut all communications. I don’t like scare tactics just to get my domain.
I suspect buyer took revenge and notified Spanish Gov and they took action. Or maybe not and Spanish Gov did so anyways.
Marcaria said this domain would be “returned”.
What are my rights in regards to this? I guess they can legally do this?
I mean after coronavirus is “over” what point is it to own
Also FYI as part of this also and was confiscated “temporarily”.
Currently the domain resolves to no where but I’m sure soon it will.
Is this all legal? Will I lose this domain completely?
The wording from Marcaria is that it will be eventually returned after this crisis is over.
Pretty slick. Spanish Gov. I had planned on developing this domain to monetize now nothing.
Wonder what other. Countries will do this?
Are my rights being violated here by a Government? I suspect no but just curious.

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