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Corona Attention on Bet Shemesh

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Bet Shemesh is one of the Israeli towns with lockdown orders, though in Bet Shemesh the closure is only on a couple of neighborhoods, rather than on the entire city.
There are different approaches to what should be done. The Ministry of Health seems to prefer the closure approach, and has set closures on several cities and towns and neighborhoods around the country, and has done so more than once. Others say the closure approach does not work, especially the way it is being done. Some want more of an approach tried before of removing infected people out of their homes and towns, often crowded, and placed in Corona Hotels, dubbed now Coronatels.
Corona Attention on Bet ShemeshMK Moshe Abutbol (Shas) is now pushing the Coronatel solution.
Abutbol put out a call to the people of Bet Shemesh affected to carefully follow all the laws and regulations such as wearing masks, social distancing and isolation - though he, in agreement with Mayor Dr Aliza Bloch, is of the opinion that the most important thing right now is to take the infected people out of the city to be placed in Coronatels.
 Abutbol says keeping the relevant laws and regulations carefully, and taking the sick out to the Coronatels, is most important to minimize the need for closures.
Abutbol then calls on the public to help persuade infected people to go to the Coronatels and thereby help bring the closure on the areas in Bet Shemesh to a minimum or to an end.

Abutbol wants us to, the public, to try to get the infected people to understand they need to go to Coronatels. Okay. Sure. I really want to come into contact with a bunch of Corona-bearing people who refuse to cooperate with the authorities, refuse to follow the rules, and refuse to do what is generally thought best for themselves and for the public. Sure. Happy to help.
Kikar is reporting that Minister of Defense Benny Gantz has announced yesterday evening that he is putting together a full aid package for Bet Shemesh - leaving nobody behind, playing on the ethos of his army career.
Gantz publicized a number of points of his plan:
 - Allocating space in Coronatels for both Haredim who need it, both individuals and families, and for people of other populations who need it
  -  The IDF and the Home Front Command will have buses ready and waiting in Bet Shemesh to immediately extract and transport people to the Coronatels
  - The Ministry of Defense and the IDF will prepare to supply food baskets to residents, should the closure be extended for longer periods of time.
  - The Iryah will be given a special budget for publicity and reaching out to the residents to explain the need, and to offer the options, of going to the Coronatels, in a variety of languages and through the various relevant media. The budget will be upwards of 100,000nis.
Bet Shemesh is getting some national attention...It seems necessary. Many keep the rules, and many do not, but either way, it seems like Corona is everywhere. I have neighbors in my building who recently tested positive. All around are people in isolation for coming into contact with positive people. Down the block and in my shul are people either in isolation or have tested positive and even been ill. The first time around, back in March  and April, it seemed distant -troubling as it was. This time I know a lot of people who have the virus or have come into contact with them. It seems to be everywhere.
Stay safe and stay healthy
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