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Cornices with Fabric Coverings the Easy Way

By Nancymccarroll
After more than a few years, our dining area windows needed a decorative face lift, not to mention a good vacuuming of the blinds.
The husband cut some foam core board that came in a sheet that was 8 feet long and 48 inches wide.  The width of the foam board was one inch; our supplier was the local Home Depot.
After measuring the windows, four lengths of foam core board were required for placement over the windows.  We cut them in 12" x 48" pieces.
Knowing that my two finished oil paintings of birds were ready to hang, I bought coordinating fabric in a teal color, cut the fabric into pieces roughly 16" x 55" in size and pinned the fabric to the foam board backing.
Cornices with Fabric Coverings the Easy Way
The  original smaller version of those "Angry Birds" was given to our local hospice for a fund raiser, but I painted two more similar ones on gallery wrapped canvases that were 12" x 36".
So now there are four cornice boards covered in fabric over each of the four windows in the dining area.
And the Angry Birds hang above the cornices.
Voila! (pictures pan from left to right)
Cornices with Fabric Coverings the Easy Way
Cornices with Fabric Coverings the Easy Way
It was an easy way to bring more color into this area by using a tiny flowered teal print fabric under the pictures and covering the cornice boards.  It also gave a more finished look to those windows without obstructing the view of the back yard foliage.

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