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Copywriting Power Words

Posted on the 12 April 2013 by Andreaantal @andreaeantal

Power wordsThe world of print publishing is increasingly being overtaken by vast online platforms, but the copywriting skills of our forefathers are still required to reach our audiences.

With quickly growing dictionaries of urban slang and short attention spans, the artful use of words is still the most powerful tool businesses and individuals can use to attract response.

Magazine covers and newspaper headlines use concise, catchy phrases that both inform and invite readers to take the next step, whether it is to learn more, make a purchase, or simply, act now.

The online world is growing at such a rapid pace with writers forced to take ideas and explain them in a few short words, whether it’s for search engine optimization (SEO), email subject lines or micro blogs – all while avoiding the pitfalls of SPAM (the black hole of ineffective copywriting).

Power words grab a reader’s attention and help to communicate and persuade, but structure is often left by the wayside. Good copywriting should move the reader along to the ultimate decision to purchase, all within context.

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